Bio Fuels

About Us

About Us

Dalvkot Biofuels is one of it’s kind of projects in Andhra Pradesh. Helmed by stalwarts of the industry, the industry, the enter- prise is a step closer to self-reliance by introducing sustainable solutions to pharma industry & oil manufacturing companies for the long-term raw material requiremnets. At Dalvkot Biofuels, we aim to produce Rectified spirit, Extra neutral Alcohol, Ethonal & pharma-ceutical Ethonal to deliver Economic Value with Environmental benefits.

As a greenfield project, we have adopted the best eco-friendly technology found worldwide.

Our ethonal plant is spread across 14.3 acres at Andhra Pradesh APIIC
de-notifies area in Atchutapuram Industrial Area, Anakapalli Dist, out of this 33.3% area is set a side for green cover. The rest of the territory houses are one of the most Eco-Friendly projects, as itis a zero liquid dis-charge plant.

The stand alone Ethonal & Pharmaceutical Ethonal production unit is home to the best minds of the sector. We have well experienced team striving to achieve the vission set by the leadership.

Dr Mahesh B. Kottapalli

Dr Mahesh B. Kottapalli is a board-certified specialist in infectious disease and internal medicine with over 23+ years of service. He is one of the major driving forces in moulding DALVKOT into a holistic enterprise. As our best motivator, his contribution to establishing this venture has been immense. His vision of a greener environment propels DALVKOT Biofuels to produce greener energy for future generations.

D.A. Kalpaja

As our pillar of strength, D A Kalpaja has funnelled her passion and energy into building DALVKOT into a multi-faceted company. Her vision for a greener tomorrow has led to the formation of DALVKOT Biofuels. As a torchbearer for an eco-friendly initiative, her aspiration inspires us to make our mark among the leading biofuel producers in the country.

IndraPrakash Dalavoi

our director's expertise with sugar manufacturing sector & with distillery has been the guiding light in making Dalvkot Biofuels a reality. His experience with various distilleries like Karnataka Breweries & distilleries pvt Lid, IMFL manufacturing unit Sri Krishna Enterprises has been a blessing in shaping up Dalvot Biofuels vision. He is a wealth of knowledge in every aspect, ranging from raw material procurment to sales. Helming Dalvkot Biofuels into a successful venture is his way of making way for better tommorow.