Bio Fuels


Dalvkot Biofuels Pvt. Ltd. is set to plant its part in providing quality raw material to IMFL companies, pharma companies and oil manufacturing companies. Our thought leadership has played a pivotal role in making this happen.


Secure a place in the biofuel sector by adding economic and environmental value


Inculcate the best technology to reduce carbon footprint and head towards eco-friendly fuel energy self-reliance.


Create an innovative solution to recycle agricultural waste  to produce biofuels to promote a greener planet.


A horizontal work culture to encourage lateral thinking to find innovative solutions to everyday challenges


Innovation. Imagination. Inclusive. Impactful.

Future of the plant

We have dedicated storage facilities for raw materials and final products at our facility. The plant houses ample storage facilities that can stock the end-products and by-products.

Guided by competent workers, the plant operates 330 days a year, producing around 80 KL output per day.

The Techpert Process Industries Pvt. Ltd. machinery at our facility helps us maintain the quality of the products and by-products of the plant. Adding to this, we store the products in separate stainless steel storage tanks and mild steel storage tanks to preserve the quality.

Ours is a zero liquid discharge plant. We have achieved this using a sophisticated de-mineralised water plant, RO plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, and Condensate Polishing Unit. Each unit purifies the water at different levels and helps in reducing the carbon footprint of the plant.

Final Product

As a multi-feed stock plant, we use molasses, broken rice, and maise as raw materials to produce ethanol. We source these materials directly from farmers, adding value to their produce otherwise regarded as waste.

Processing the raw materials using mechanical and bio-chemical processes, we produce four main products and three by-products.


1. Rectified Spirit results from rectification, and hence the name. The Rectified Spirit produced at DALVKOT biofuels is 90% pure. It acts as raw material for several products across the medical, food processing, and petroleum industries.

2. Extra Neutral Alcohol Extra Neutral Alcohol is 96% pure, odourless, and colourless ethanol. It is mainly used in breweries to produce potable alcohol (IML units) and in pharma industries to prepare solvent and reactant.

3. Pharma Grade Ethanol We manufacture 99% pure pharma grade ethanol adhering to international standards. We primarily use PGE in manufacturing disinfectants like sanitisers. It also acts as a preservative in syrup and other pharmaceutical products.

4. Petroleum Blending Ethanol Blending ethanol is 99.8% pure. Often blended with petrol or diesel as a biofuel for higher efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint, the combination is known as the next-gen fuel.

By Products


1. CO2 Gas is one of the main by-products of the distillation plant. Though considered as one of the prime culprits of greenhouse effects, CO2 or carbon-di-oxide uses are many. We use it in fire extinguishers, inflating life jackets, blasting coal, carbonated beverages, and so on.

2. DDGS – Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles are a mix of maise, rice, and other grains. DDGS is a high protein livestock feed, which results from drying the mash. The DDCS with further processing can lead to producing organic fertiliser used primarily in farms.

3. FlyAsh is one of the vital construction materials used along with cement. We outsource this product to help construct roads, as oil stabiliser, clean fill, mineral filler and more.